Washtenaw Community College
Health & Fitness Experience PEA 115


WELCOME to PEA115! This course provides students access to The Health & Fitness Center at Washtenaw Community College, a state-of-the art fitness facility; and to the many benefits of regular and varied physical exercise. Yours in health!

PEA 115 Semester Dates

Course requirements (must be completed by the ending date of the semester. No extensions can be granted):


  • Winter    January 2 - April 30
  • Spring & Summer    May 1 - August 4
    (You may use the Center through August 31)
  • Fall    September 1 - December 15
    (You may use the Center through December 31)

Do you have additional questions? Comments or feedback? Please contact the PEA Advisor

PEA 115 Information

Course Eligibility

This half-credit Pass/NoPass course is available to students who are 18 years of age and enrolled in a minimum of 3 credits during the term of enrollment. The course may be taken six (6) times for a total of 3 credits, however, after you receive a passing grade for the class, Financial Aid will pay for the class one more time.

Requirements for a Passing Grade

All students must agree to the terms and conditions at time of class enrollment online, even if you were a student in a previous semester.

  1. Complete the Initial survey (also linked on Blackboard) – make sure you “save and submit” the survey. Then check your Blackboard account to make sure that the survey was recorded as “complete.”
  2. Attend at least 15 different days during the semester. Attendance is recorded via the electronic member check-in at the front desk and is updated on Blackboard – usually twice a week. Check your visits on Blackboard weekly. If your visits are not recording, contact the Fitness Center Advisor immediately. The intent of this course is that you make use of the facility on a regular basis during the semester. If you check into the Center twice on the same day, the duplicate visit will not be counted; only one visit will be recorded for that day.
  3. Complete the Final survey (on Blackboard) – make sure you “save and submit” the survey. Then check your Blackboard account to make sure that the survey was recorded as “complete.”

Additional Information:

  • You will receive either a Pass or No Pass grade for this course.
  • You have unlimited use of the facility during normal business hours, for the semester. However, if you have a past due balance with The Health & Fitness Center, you will need to resolve that issue before using the facility.

Mandatory Membership Enrollment, Health History Questionnaire and Surveys

The membership contract and course Surveys are distinct and serve different purposes:

  • The surveys are part of the course requirements. These requirements (Initial and Final surveys, 15 visits on different days to the Center) must be completed by the end of the semester in order for you to receive a passing grade for the course. After you complete a survey, check on Blackboard to make sure that it has been recorded as “completed.”


All PEA 115 Students:

  • Complete the course Initial surveyon Blackboard.
  • On your first visit to the Center,
  • First-time PEA115 Students: Go to the Centerbring drivers license and student ID, fill out Health History Questionnaire, obtain membership sticker for student ID and get picture taken. You will receive other information about the center.
  • Renewing PEA115 Students:  Agree to terms and conditions at time of class enrollment online. Bring studnet ID to center and check in.

Additional Requirements & Info:

  • You must have your WCC student ID prior to using the Fitness Center
  • You are free to begin using the Fitness Center on the date noted in the PEA 115 Semester Dates on the right of this screen.
  • If you have a past due balance with The Center, you will need to resolve that issue before using the facility

Track Your Goals!

The mandatory initial survey that you complete on Blackboard is intended to help you establish health and fitness goals. You can keep track of these goals in a variety of ways:

  • Print out your initial survey and post it in a prominent place!
  • Use Blackboard to check on receipt of surveys and attendance totals. Please keep in mind that there is some delay between your activity and its recording on Blackboard. If your visits are not recording, contact the Fitness Center Advisor immediately.
  • Stay up-to-date regarding course news via email. Be sure that you have activated your WCC e-mail account and that you use it or that you forward your WCC e-mail to an e-mail account that you do use.
  • You can arrange for an optional Fitness Assessment with The Health & Fitness Center staff and establish a workout schedule.

Unlimited Access (well… almost)

Student tuition is $160 per semester. PEA “semesters” are the same as other credit classes at the College – you must complete your 15 visits and the two surveys by the end-of-semester dates posted in “PEA 115 Semester Dates” on the top right of this page. However, you may use the Fitness Center through the last month of the semester (April, August, and December).

Where do I get my ID?

Your WCC student ID is your Center ID. To gain access to the fitness facility as a student member (whether a PEA115 student or a regular student), your student ID is required. This requirement pertains to students previously enrolled in a Center membership. You can obtain your student ID at the WCC Student Center building »

Tour & Guest Policies

  1. Guests are welcome! The cost of a guest pass is $20 per day. Please see the fitness desk staff for more information
  2. THFC offers Group Tours at the beginning of the semester. Check for days and times at the front desk.

Orientation & Assessment

You may schedule optional appointments with the Center’s fitness staff: 734-975-3307

  • Orientations will help to familiarize you with strength and cardio equipment
  • Assessments are a series of tests whose results set the basis for a training program on the fitness floor.

Code of Conduct

Download the print version (PDF, 60K).

  • Cell phone usage only in lobby and café
  • Appropriate fitness attire:
    • The standards include shirts, shorts, sweat pants and clean fitness shoes.
    • No open-toed shoes or sandals permitted on fitness floors
  • No food or drink permitted outside of the lobby or café area
    • Beverages must have secure tops
  • Loud or obscene language is prohibited at all times
  • Follow rules provided on signs throughout center at all times
  • No gym bags on the fitness floor or basketball court at any time
    • No personal basketballs or volleyballs allowed

Members are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the highest standards. THFC reserves the right to rescind membership privileges based on improper conduct or behavior that might interfere with other members’ enjoyment of the facility.

BIO 142: Intro to Nutrition, Exercise, and Weight Management.

Because you have enrolled in PEA 115 for this term, you may be eligible to enroll in BIO 142 - Introduction to Nutrition, Exercise, and Weight Management. Our experience with previous PEA 115 students indicates that many of them need more than just access to the Center to achieve their goals in exercise and weight management.

BIO 142 is a 3-credit academic course that teaches students the science behind nutrition, exercise, and weight management. The BIO 142 course meets at times specified in the Course Schedule. Course textbook, assignments, quizzes and tests, experiments, and papers are determined by the instructor. Consider enrolling in BIO 142, especially if you have a history of frustration with exercise and weight management.

Please see the Academic Class Schedule for the day and time of this class and for the complete description.