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WCC Timeline: 1976

Learning Resource Center

Learning Resource Center

President Myran

President Myran

July 1976

Board of Trustees adopts the college's first non-smoking policy. A ban on smoking in classrooms and the library goes into effect leaving smokers to congregate in lobbies, lounge areas, and hallways.

August 1976

Board of Trustees raises day care rates for the Children's Center from a per semester rate of $12.50 to an hourly rate of $.40-$1.25, based on a sliding scale according to income. About 25 students protest the rate hike at a Board meeting.

September 1976

Learning Materials Center (LMC) is dedicated after long construction delays. The largest building on campus, the LMC contains classrooms, office space, the library, bookstore, recreation space, and culinary facilities. The building's name will later change to the Student Center Building.

October 1976

Women's enrollment at WCC has consistently increased since 1969 (23.4%) to 46% in Fall 1976. Even the technology-industrial areas have seen a rise in female students. The women's movement is cited as being a major catalyst in the enrollment increase.

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