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Randy LaHote

How much does your dollar really buy? How do events in Europe or South America affect your job?

"In my economics classes we talk about real world issues," says Faculty member Randy LaHote, who ties economic theory to real life circumstances to make his lessons come alive for his students. "We learn what does and doesn't work in relationship to economics, emphasizing growth and development issues. Things like, what do we know? What improves economic performance? What gets in its way? We look at how economics ties to careers and why we should care about it.

"If it can be said in simple language, let's go for it," says LaHote. "I'm not just training economists."

Knowing that most of his students have career aspirations outside of economics, LaHote prefers that they have a good understanding of economic theory and its tie to their jobs and their lives rather than the formulas and tools used to determine economic factors.

"One day I was talking about the economics of the former Soviet Union when someone raised their hand and told the class that they used to live there," says LaHote. "Suddenly, the subject matter took on a whole new life."

LaHote says that the analytical skills in economics are similar to those in law and engineering.

"I started out as an engineering major when the Vietnam War, the draft, and the energy crisis were on everyone's mind," says LaHote. "I could tie the analytical part of engineering that I liked with those social issues through economics. It just all came together for me."

Student Profiles

Students come to Washtenaw Community College for a number of reasons. Some are preparing to transfer to a four-year university while others come seeking a degree to improve their job status. Whatever the reason, students find that WCC can make a difference in their lives.

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Faculty Profiles

Washtenaw Community College's faculty members bring a unique collection of specialties and experiences to our campus. Their life experiences and diverse backgrounds offer students a different perspective in the classroom and add to the vibrant culture at WCC.

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