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Prerequisites and Corequisites

You can't register for a class unless you meet the prerequisites.

View also the information on Academic Levels (PDF).

A prerequisite may be:
  • A particular course that you must complete satisfactorily.
  • A specific test score.
  • Some other particular qualification.
Prerequisites are listed just under the course title in the schedule. They help you succeed in the course.

General Prerequisites:
  • Courses numbered 100 and above: You must achieve Academic Level 6 in Reading and Academic Level 6 in Writing to enroll in most 100 level courses, such as English 111.
  • Courses numbered below 100: Most courses under the 100 level do not usually transfer to other colleges; however, they provide an excellent introduction and important skills for the higher level courses.
Get ready for 100-level classes and above with these College classes.
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) classes: Classes for students whose native language is not English. ESL Class placement is based on your ESL COMPASS scores. See advisor.
  • Reading or Writing Readiness classes for native English speakers: Reading, & Writing classes for students whose native language is English, and who have an Academic Level of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 in Reading and Writing.
  • Math Readiness classes: Mathematics readiness classes for students who have an Academic Level of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 in Mathematics.
Find Your Current Academic Level in MyWCC:
  • Log in to MyWCC.
  • Click the Student Services and Financial Aid.
  • Click Student Records, then View Test Scores and Academic Level.
You must have applied and been assigned a student ID number and have set up your netID in order to log into MyWCC. Your current level won't be recorded unless you have done one of the 4 items listed here.

How to Demonstrate Your Academic Level:
  • Submit your ACT or SAT scores to the Student Connection, Student Center, second floor, or
  • Take the COMPASS assessment, or
  • Talk with a WCC advisor or counselor about taking classes to get to the Academic Level you want, or
  • If you're just applying, fill out your application completely. (If you earned credit hours from an accredited U.S. college, you may have achieved Academic Level 6 in Reading and/or Writing.)
Check Your Course Listings for the Following:
  • No Basic Skills
    • Classes that list "No Basic Skills" are open to students of any Reading or Writing level as long as these students meet any other prerequisites for the course.
  • Level I (Level One) Prerequisites
    • Most classes require "Academic Level 6" in both Reading and Writing
    • Some classes have additional prerequisites such as:
      • Other WCC courses
      • Corequisites (two classes must be taken together)
      • Instructor Consent
  • Level II (Level Two) Prerequisites
    • These are checked by the instructor on the first day of class and may include:
      • WCC courses
      • Other conditions required to succeed in the course.
  • Some classes also require specific skills and equipment.
    • Some of these requirements are specified in the course listing.
For information about College On Demand (COD) classes, visit How to Register for Online Classes.

For information about Blended Classes, visit the Blackboard Student FAQ section of the Blackboard Information website.

Course Repeat Limits:
  • Students can take a course twice, but must seek permission to register for it a third time or more.
  • Find out the details about Course Repeat Limits (PDF)

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