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Can an instructor copy clips from various videos to one compilation video that s/he can use in the classroom?
Answer: Yes/No. Refer back to four factors of Fair Use and the type of works in question. There are three fair use options that would allow an instructor to make a compilation of videos for classroom use. Factor One Purpose of the use factor - it is for teaching (not for profit and educational.) Factor Three The amount being used - small portions are copied. Factor Four Effect on the Market - If the instructor is using lawfully acquired videos there is no impact on the market. Assuming that the instructor has reviewed the market and found that no compilation is available for sale that meets her/his needs. Factor Two Nature of the Publication weighs against fair use if these are "fictional" works. The correct answer to this question must be addressed on a case by case basis.

Source: Copyright Law Fair Use Section

  1. Can I tape a program on television and show it to my class?

  2. Can an instructor rent a video/DVD from a local rental store to show it in class?

  3. Can an instructor make an archival copy of his/her commercial video/DVD/slide/audio cassette?

  4. Can an instructor make a duplicate copy of a video/DVD from the Library's collection to show in class?

  5. Can an instructor copy clips from various videos to one compilation video that s/he can use in the classroom?

  6. Can an instructor show a film to his/her student group on campus?

  7. Can the college show a film in a public area at no cost to its students?

  8. Can an instructor convert his/her video to DVD to show to an on-campus class?

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