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Curriculum and Assessment  

Assessment vs. Grades & Evaluation
Evaluation is a method, which may or may not be graded, of eliciting a performance or demonstration of knowledge or skills from a student. Grades are the descriptive faculty evaluation of an individual student's performance in a given course, test, or assignment. Grades oftentimes incorporate participation, attendance and/or extra credit, which are not true components of assessment of learning outcomes. Assessment is the examination of whether students as a whole are achieving the learning outcomes which have been developed by the department for a course or program. Assessment provides the "big picture" of whether students are meeting learning objectives.

While grades may not be used as assessment data, certain projects, tests, or assignments that are given for a grade in a course may be used for assessment purposes if they are externally evaluated using an appropriate rubric.

Assessment and its Importance
Find out what assessment encompasses and why it is important for our academic institution to participate in the process.

Assessment Committee
A brief description of the Assessment Committee, as well as an archive of meeting agendas and minutes. Go directly to the Assessment Committee meeting minutes.

Assessment vs. Grades & Evaluation
Discover the difference between assessment and evaluation. Information on the use of both assessment and evaluation is provided.

Course, Program, & General Education Assessment
Contains information on each of the three types of assessment that are conducted on a regular basis at Washtenaw Community College.

Assessment Responsibility
The Assessment Responsibility section provides information regarding the responsibility of each faculty member and the institution as a whole with respect to assessment.

Steps to Developing an Assessment Plan
Provides a step-by-step set of guidelines for developing an assessment plan for an individual course or program.

Assessment Tools
Outlines information on appropriate assessment tools as well as sample assessment methods.

Creating a Scoring Rubric
Provides a description of a scoring rubric as well as a link to a downloadable template.

Analyzing and Using Data
Find out what to do with your data once it has been collected.

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