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Master Syllabi: Apprenticeship (APP)

  File Name File Size   Date Scanned
APP 101. Apprenticeship Year I 259.83 KB   09/06/2005
APP 102. Apprenticeship Year II 274.89 KB   09/06/2005
APP 103. Apprenticeship Year III 269.18 KB   09/06/2005
APP 105. Apprenticeship V 262.72 KB   09/06/2005
APP 111. Safety and Health for Plumbers & Pipefitters 350.48 KB   09/06/2005
APP 112. Care and Use of Tools 578.21 KB   09/06/2005
APP 113. Math for Pipe Trades 1.76 MB   05/30/2007
APP 121. Plumbing Welding I 346.86 KB   09/06/2005
APP 122. Trade Application I 296.86 KB   09/06/2005
APP 123. Math/Science for Plumbing & Pipefitting II 321.84 KB   09/06/2005
APP 131. Water Supply and Drainage 419.65 KB   09/06/2005
APP 132. Trade Application II 206.74 KB   09/06/2005
APP 133. Hydronic Heating 281.52 KB   09/06/2005
APP 141. Advanced Pipe Fitting 480.74 KB   09/06/2005
APP 142. Installation Service 233.78 KB   09/06/2005
APP 143. Trade Application III 230.6 KB   09/06/2005
APP 151. Medical Gas & Code 335.36 KB   09/06/2005
APP 152. Technical Training 229.82 KB   09/06/2005
APP 153. Foreman Training 231.16 KB   09/06/2005
APP 221. Theory of Electrical 251.41 KB   09/06/2005
APP 222. Heating Science 287.92 KB   09/06/2005
APP 231. Electrical Temperature Controls 249.88 KB   09/06/2005
APP 232. Theory and Operation of Heating Equipment 250.16 KB   09/06/2005
APP 233. Air Conditioning Systems 224.09 KB   09/06/2005
APP 241. Welding and Brazing 199.24 KB   09/06/2005
APP 242. Hydronic and Steam Heating 237.71 KB   09/06/2005
APP 243. Medium Temp Refrigeration 367.48 KB   09/06/2005
APP 251. Commercial Air Conditioning 254.75 KB   09/06/2005
APP 252. DDC Controls 234.71 KB   09/06/2005
APP 253. Code Preparation for State Exam 230.32 KB   09/06/2005

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