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Master Syllabi: Ironworker Instructor Training (IWT)

  File Name File Size   Date Scanned
IWT 101. Principles of Instruction and Instructional Planning 21.95 KB   05/25/2011
IWT 102. Testing Strategies, Communication and Motivation 22.02 KB   05/25/2011
IWT 103. Illustrated Lectures and Facilitation Skills 21.89 KB   05/25/2011
IWT 130. Introduction to Computers 43.44 KB   05/25/2011
IWT 131. Computer Applications I 20.32 KB   05/25/2011
IWT 132. Computer Applications II 21.01 KB   05/25/2011
IWT 201. Working with Learners with Special Needs 20.42 KB   05/25/2011
IWT 203. Bonded Post-Tensioning Ironworker Certification 44.39 KB   05/25/2011
IWT 204. Reinforcing Concrete for Your Apprenticeship Programs 44.3 KB   05/25/2011
IWT 205. Foreman Training for Ironworkers 45.13 KB   05/25/2011
IWT 207. Teaching the History of the Ironworkers Union 44.78 KB   05/25/2011
IWT 208. Operating Layout Instruments 43.77 KB   05/25/2011
IWT 209. Ironworker COMET Train-the-Trainer 43.34 KB   05/25/2011
IWT 210. Approved MSHA Instructor Course 42.09 KB   05/25/2011
IWT 211. Rigger Trainer Development Program 49.09 KB   05/25/2011
IWT 212. Conveyor Installation and Industrial Maintenance 43.36 KB   05/25/2011
IWT 214. Structural Steel Erection 44.03 KB   05/25/2011
IWT 217. National Welding Certification Program of North America 46.08 KB   05/25/2011
IWT 219. Certified Welding Inspector Recertification Course 40.51 KB   05/25/2011
IWT 220. New Seismic Requirements for Structural Steel 44.35 KB   05/25/2011
IWT 223. Ornamental Wall Coverings and Glass Railing 43.29 KB   05/25/2011

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