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Essential Skills For Life

Most students take a basic writing or composition class because it is part of their program requirements or because they want to transfer the composition credit to a four-year institution. WCC offers a comprehensive writing curriculum with courses in basic writing, college-level writing, technical writing, and advanced composition.

Good writing skills are essential for everyone. College students must be able to write well to be successful in all academic disciplines, and professionals in the workforce benefit greatly when they possess effective writing abilities. As one CEO stated, "In the fast-paced electronic age, no single ability tells me more about an applicant to a professional position at my firm than that person's skill in writing."

During fall and winter semesters, WCC offers close to a hundred sections of writing and composition classes. One or more classes in English Composition (English 111, 122, and 225) are required for an associate's degree in arts or science. Based on their placement test results, some students may be advised to take other writing courses to prepare for college-level writing. English 111 and many of the writing courses that precede it include a fourth credit hour in the Writing Center to develop and reinforce writing skills.

Online writing tips are available at these links:

* Online Writing Lab, Purdue University: Information about writing, research, and more - http://owl.english.purdue.edu/

* Writers Write Research Resources for Writers: Tons of information for all kinds of writers - http://www.writerswrite.com/reference/

* Guide to Grammar and Writing - http://webster.commnet.edu/grammar/index.htm

* About.com Technical Writing - http://freelancewrite.about.com/?once=true&


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