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Free Handouts

The following are helpful handouts that you can use to improve your writing skills. You will need Acrobat Reader to view a PDF documents. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free from Adobe.

Document Name: File Name: File Size:
APA Documentation Style APA_Document_Style.pdf 385 KB
APA Documentation Style, Prepared by the Library and the Writing Center APA_Library_WCenter.pdf 455 KB
Avoiding Plagiarism Avoiding_Plagiarism.pdf 66 KB
MLA Documentation Style MLA_Document_Style.pdf 426 KB
MLA Documentation Style, Prepared by the Library and the Writing Center MLA_Library_WCenter.pdf 430 KB
Essay Elements
Thesis Statement ThesisStatement.pdf 262 KB
Paragraphs Paragraphs.pdf 291 KB
Introductory Paragraph IntroductoryParagraph.pdf 193 KB
Body Paragraphs BodyParagraphs.pdf 270 KB
Concluding Paragraph ConcludingParagraph.pdf 193 KB
Essay Structures
Five-Paragraph Academic Essay 5ParagraphEssay.pdf 135 KB
The Academic Essay: Three Common Patterns AcademicEssay.pdf 266 KB
Argumentative Essay: Three Patterns Argumentative.pdf 201 KB
Cause-and-Effect Essay CauseEffectEssay.pdf 135 KB
Literature Essay LiteratureEssay.pdf 287 KB
Comparison-Contrast Comp_Contr.pdf 410 KB
Taking An Essay Test EssayExam.pdf 184 KB
Profile Essay ProfileEssay.pdf 360 KB
Personal Statement Personal_Statement.pdf 410 KB
Apostrophe Apostrophe.pdf 295 KB
Colon Colon.pdf 213 KB
Comma Comma.pdf 307 KB
Semicolon Semicolon.pdf 233 KB
Titles of Works TitlesofWorks.pdf 356 KB
The Hyphen and the Dash Hyphen_Dash.pdf 279 KB
Commas: Restrictive and Nonrestrictive Modifiers Restr_and_Nonrestr.pdf 246 KB
Quiz: Apostrophe Quiz_Apostrophe.pdf 238 KB
Quiz: Colon, Comma, Semicolon Quiz_Col_Com_Semi.pdf 250 KB
Quiz: Comma (1) Quiz_Comma1.pdf 193 KB
Quiz: Comma (2) Quiz_Comma2.pdf 246 KB
Quiz: Dash & Hyphen Quiz_Dash_Hyphen.pdf 201 KB
Quiz: Semicolon & Colon Quiz_Semi_Col.pdf 188 KB
Quiz: Titles Quiz_Titles.pdf 270 KB
Adjectives and Adverbs Adj_Adv.pdf 233 KB
Comma Splices Comma_Splices.pdf 311 KB
Commonly Confused Words Confused_Words.pdf 352 KB
Conjunctions Conjunctions.pdf 176 KB
Run-on Sentences Run_ons.pdf 246 KB
Sentence Combining Sent_Comb.pdf 131 KB
Pronoun-Antecedent Pro_Ante_Fr.pdf 246 KB
Active and Passive Voice Active_Fr.pdf 246 KB
Sentence Fragments Frag_Fr.pdf 238 KB
Parallelism Para_Fr.pdf 242 KB
Pronoun Case Pronoun_Case.pdf 246 KB
Pronoun Case Part 2 Pronoun_Case_Part2.pdf 311 KB
Preposition Combinations Preposition_Combinations.pdf 270 KB
Quiz: Active Voice Quiz_Active_Voice.pdf 127 KB
Quiz: Parallelism Quiz_Parallelism.pdf 127 KB
Quiz: Pronoun-Antecedent Quiz_Pro_Ante.pdf 131 KB
Quiz: Pronoun Case Quiz_Pronoun_Case.pdf 184 KB
Quiz: Sentence Combining Quiz_Sent_Comb.pdf 176 KB
Quiz: Sentence Fragments & Comma Splices Quiz_Sent_Frag.pdf 193 KB


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