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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Student Accounting: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where do I pay my tuition?

  2. When is my payment due?

  3. Can I pay for someone else's classes?

  4. Can I cash a WCC check at the Cashier's office?

  5. Where can I cash my financial aid check?

  6. What are the Tuition Rates and fees?

  7. How do I get a transcript?

  8. Is the cashier where I get a financial aid check?

  9. Can the cashier tell me if I have a financial aid check?

  10. Can I get a copy of my schedule?

  11. Is there an ATM on campus?

  12. Can I register for classes at the Cashier's Office?

  13. What if my employer wants to pay my tuition?

  14. Who do I talk to about my financial aid?

  15. Why am I receiving a "Past Due" letter?

  16. Why was my account turned over to a Collection agency?

  17. I dropped my class, why am I being billed for this class?

  18. How can I get a receipt?

  19. Can I get a receipt that shows what tuition I paid for income tax purposes?

  20. Can you tell me if my son or daughter paid their tuition?

  21. Who do I talk to about the ePayPlan tuition payment programs?

  22. What if my Employer/Sponsor is paying for my classes?

  23. When do you invoice my Employer/Sponsor?

  24. What if I drop a class after my Employer/Sponsor has paid?

  25. Should I pay for classes now and when I get my letter/voucher from my employer, WCC will reimburse me?

  26. I have Financial Aid, why am I receiving a bill?

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Accounts Payable

Employee Reimbursement via Direct Deposit


Student Accounting (Collections, ePayPlan, Third Party, Tuition)

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