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Health Records Requirements

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July 31st is the deadline for submitting updated health and BLS information to the Nursing program each year.

Registration cards will be held for ALL students pending completion of their immunization records each year. Pick-up cards in person in OE-102.

Your PPD results (read date) and your BLS certification date is only valid for ONE year. (Yes, we know your BLS card may indicate it is valid for 2 years, BUT for the clinical locations, this must be renewed EVERY year.)

Renew your PPD (TB) SKIN-TEST and BLS so they will not expire before the end of the next Winter's semester ending date. To be safe, be sure to renew AFTER May 15th each year.

Where to get your TB test

Where to get your BLS CERTIFICATION

Helpful Hint: When you get your new year's calendar, turn to May and schedule an appointment for your TB test and BLS recertification. July 31st is the deadline, but please try to turn your information in earlier to avoid the last minute rush.

COPIES of supporting documentation:
Be sure to bring COPIES of your PPD SKIN-TEST results and BLS card. NO copies will be made in OE-102. Copy machines are available in the Student Center.

Before a student begins coursework in the Nursing Program, a Report of Medical History (supplied at Orientation or another may be picked up in the Nursing Office) must be completed and submitted on or before July 31st.

The student is responsible for completing the front of the form.

The back, "Health Examination", must be completed and signed by a Physician or Nurse Practitioner.

When turning in your health records, be sure you have the following seven (7) items:

1. The original, completed Report of Medical History, signed and dated (front and back). Before you leave your medical exam, verify the 1st five numbered sections on the back of the form have been completed. Please do not turn in the report with incomplete information.
2. PPD (TB) skin-test, intracutaneous (MANTOUX), NOT tine along with the reading. Show date of test and date of read results on the Report. (if you have had a BCG or if for someother reason you have a positive TB skin test, please get the TB Evaluation form by clicking here.) For more information visit the Health Records Requirements page.
3. Rubella (German measles) positive IgG test results.
4. Rubeola (Red Measles or Hard Measles): Positive IgG test results
5. Hepatitis B: Positive Surface Antibody test results.

Proof of Health Insurance (copy of current health card or receipt of paid insurance and dates of coverage or letter from employer indicating dates of health insurance coverage.)

Students may obtain insurance from Student Assurance Services.

7. Copy of your BLS certification card. Acceptable BLS:
   CPR for the Professional Rescuer.
   Basic Life Support: Red Cross
   Basic Life Support (-C): American Heart

First Aid certification alone is insufficient.

After submitting your initial Report of Medical History, each year thereafter, each and every student (yes, everyone) must turn in these items by July 31st:

NOTE: Submit COPIES of all the following information. If you want a copy of your Report of Medical History, make one for yourself, but submit the original to the Nursing program. All students will be charged 10 cents for copies made in the Nursing Office.

1. Copy of PPD (TB) skin-test and results, read and dated.

2. Copy of BLS Certification card.

3. Pass the A-MUST test on BlackBoard

4. Copy of new health insurance information, IF insurance has changed.

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