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UltraTime (All Users): Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make changes to my future leave request?
If the requested time still displays in yellow, along with appropriate letter, you can remove this requested time by clicking the drop down arrow next to Request and select the same absence code, along with the same hours. Click the cell to deduct and remove the hours. Return to the drop down list for Request to update the request. Click the Refresh button when done. If the time was already approved, contact the supervisor and ask that they disapprove it. Once disapproved, the cell will turn to red on both the employees screen and the supervisors. At that time, only the supervisor will be able to remove the item.

  1. Why does it kick users during active sessions, even before they reached the time out limit?

  2. What will be the procedure if an employee forgets their fob or cannot fob in and out? Will the employee be able to manually enter their in and out time on the fob machine or in the self-service system?

  3. How do we enter college holidays on the system?

  4. I missed the cutoff time and date to submit my time, so how can this time be entered?

  5. If I have difficulty logging into UltraTime, who should I contact?

  6. My supervisor declined my requested future time, now itís locked. How can I remove this information off my calendar?

  7. If an employee has more than one job on campus, how will they know which distribution code to select?

  8. Do I have to use my 8 hour floating holiday on one day or can this be split between two or more days?

  9. How many personal days can I use in a row?

  10. Whatís the timeout limit in UltraTime?

  11. How can I make changes to my future leave request?

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