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UltraTime (Supervisors): Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If you change the view in UltraTime to 2, 3, or 4 weeks, the dates that appear are barely visible. Can these colors be changed to make the dates more visible?

  2. In the 2, 3, or 4 weeks view, can the month be added somewhere, so you know for sure which month you're viewing.

  3. What does the exception code DC represent and how can I correct this?

  4. Under Schedules > Multiple Punch, how should lunch be entered in UltraTime?

  5. On the schedules tab, how can you go back and view details of an existing created schedule? For example, if I click on someone’s schedule, it opens a window without detail. How can I determine how much lunch time I granted someone?

  6. When clicking a person’s name, what exactly is the Crew Code? Should supervisors enter O for days the employee is off, such as Saturday and Sunday?

  7. When clicking a person’s name, what is the rotating group, rotating week, etc.?

  8. Can you copy one employee’s schedule to another?

  9. Where can I print the supervisor’s user manual?

  10. I made a mistake on an employee’s schedule. How can I remove the schedule and start over?

  11. How can I approve or disapprove time requested in the future?

  12. If my employee takes unscheduled PTO time off, how can I make a note?

  13. When viewing an employee's fob reader detail for a specific day, why does IP (In Punch) and OP (Out Punch) have "X's" beneath the column, instead of I or O.?

  14. When you change a person's schedule and/or grace time, when does it become effective.

  15. Can I approve my time from home or offsite?

  16. Should a proxy be able to approve their own time?

  17. On the current paper timesheets, there's a section for supervisors to sign, stating they authorize that particular person to work over 20 hours that week. How will this be handled within Ultra Time?

  18. How can I set up a schedule for an employee that works multiple times in the same day? For example, on Monday someone comes in and work 8a-11a, returns to work again from 2p to 5p, and then again from 7p to 9p.

  19. Is there a report that allows me to view how many hours an employee worked in a given fiscal year? For example, when viewing the hours for my 1100 hour employees.

  20. If an employee fails to enter their hours during a specific pay period prior to the 11:00 a.m. Monday cutoff, how would they submit these hours to Payroll?

  21. How do I record unpaid time for an employee who has no time available?

  22. After the 11:00 cutoff, how can I make changes to an employee’s hours and or absences?

  23. For employees who have schedules built, will the grace start and end have anything to do with fobbing in and out for lunch?

  24. If a supervisor is on vacation, how can their approvals be handled?

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