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Police Academy
If you promise to learn, we promise to provide you with a high quality, challenging educational experience. – Larry Jackson, Director

The Washtenaw Community College Police Academy has been an integral part of the community college's criminal justice program since 1987. WCC has placed thousands of police officers into the ranks of Michigan's criminal justice system. Many graduates have gone onto higher ranks and have been accepted into numerous federal agencies. Please be advised that the police academy is a full-time program that averages six days a week, 12 hours a day, for 20 straight weeks.

If you are considering a career in law enforcement you should ask yourself these questions:
Please note: You cannot register for a Police Academy class until you've been accepted into the program. This website will explain the dynamics of this process.
  1. Are you self motivated?
  2. Are you physically, mentally, and emotionally fit?
  3. Can you exercise sound, mature judgment?
  4. Do you like working in a diverse setting?
  5. Do you enjoy working with and meeting people?
  6. Can you personally handle emotional strife involving yourself and others?
  7. People expect you to be an honest and ethical individual, are you?
  8. People will expect you to solve problems without bias, can you?
  9. Are you self-disciplined to the point that you can take constructive criticism from the training staff and often harsh criticism from the public?
  10. Can you exercise self-restraint in the face of great challenges?
  11. Can you work independently?
  12. Law Enforcement involves team work. Can you function as a productive team member?
  13. Are you prepared to confront life threatening situations?
If your answer to any of these questions is no, a career in law enforcement may not be for you!