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The path to a great career can start in high school. Washtenaw Community College, through its Tech Prep program, offers more than 30 courses from which you may merit college credit through high school offerings.

Earn Accelerated College Credits and save money on the cost of college credits. Make a smooth transition into college and prepare for a great and rewarding career.

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Joy Garrett

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Accelerated College Credit
Career and technical education offers the career-minded high school student an opportunity to earn accelerated college credits. These are college credits that can be earned at your local high school. Turn those credits into savings and earn your degree in less time by applying accelerated college credits towards your college degree. You can view a list of high schools with which Washtenaw Community College has articulation agreements.
  Number of Credits
Course # Course Name 1 credit 2 credits 3 credits 4 credits
ACC 100 Fundamentals of Accounting I      
ACC 131 Accounting Information Systems      
ABR 111 Introduction to Auto Body Repair      
ABR 112 Introduction to Automotive Refinishing      
ASV 151 Automotive Service I      
ASV 254 Suspension and Steering      
ASV 255 Brakes      
ASV 256 Electrical and Electronic Systems      
ASV 258 Engine Drivability      
BMG 101 The Business of Your Career      
BMG 140 Introduction to Business      
BOS 101A Introduction to Keyboarding      
BOS 101B Intermediate Keyboarding      
BOS 101C Advanced Keyboarding      
BOS 107 Office Administration I      
BOS 157 Word Processing and Document Formatting I      
CAD 105 Blueprint Reading and Analysis      
CCP 122 Child Development Credentialing I      
CCP 123 Child Development Credentialing II      
CCP 132 Child Development Practicum I      
CCP 133 Child Development Practicum II      
CIS 100 Introduction to Computers and Software Applications      
CIS 110 Introduction to Computer Information Systems      
CIS 117 Windows Operating System      
CON 104 Residential Construction I      
CST 118 MS Command Line Fundamentals      
CST 150 Computer Systems Technology I (*)        
CUL 110 Sanitation and Hygiene      
CUL 120 Culinary Skills      
CUL 150 Food Service Management      
CUL 151 Food Service Marketing      
GDT 105 Introduction to Mac Graphics      
GDT 127 QuarkXPress for Print Publishing      
GDT 130 InDesign for Print Publishing      
GDT 139 Illustrator Graphics      
GDT 140 Photoshop Graphics      
HSC 100 Basic Nursing Assistant Skills      
HSC 101 Healthcare Terminology      
HSC 131 CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer and First Aid      
INP 140 Building a Website      
INP 150 Web Coding I      
MTT 111 Machine Shop Theory and Practice      
PHO 111 Photography I      
PHO 127 Digital Photo Imaging I      
ROB 101 Robotics I-I      
ROB 110 Robotics I-II      
VID 101 Video Production I      
VID 110 Digital Video Editing I      
WAF 100 Fundamentals of Welding      
WAF 101 Acetylene Welding      
WAF 102 Basic ARC Welding      
WAF 103 Heli-ARC Welding      
WAF 105 Welding for Art and Engineering      
WAF 111 Welding I Oxy-Acetylene      
WAF 112 Welding II Basic ARC      

* - Five (5) credits