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Seven out of ten high school students want to own their own business. RU1?
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Did you know...
Shawn Fanning: Music Revolutionary who created Napster

Napster's Founder was 18 years old and a computer science student when he wrote Napster. Frustrated by broken links and missing files while searching for MP3 songs on the Web, Shawn Fanning wrote Napster so he and a close circle of friends could share their MP3 tunes.

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Ann Arbor High Schools
Entrepreneurs are found in every occupation and young entrepreneurs are taking charge of their destiny all over the country. Find your passion, explore and experience a variety of career and technical occupations.

Start Earning college Credits Now!

Enroll in the up-coming registration for:
  • Entrepreneurship
Take 1 of these 3 elective classes:
  • Graphic Communications
  • Marketing Education
  • Architectural Drafting
Take the entrepreneurship in combination with any of the three elective courses and accumulate college credits as you build the foundation for your business career.

Be sure to include these classes when you fill out your course selection form:
  • Huron High School: February 9 - 23, 2006
  • Pioneer High School: February 8 - 22, 2006
Save time and money – Dual Enroll at WCC
Earn College Credit & Gain Business Experience in High School

When taking the above course combinations, you may be:
  • Eligible to receive 6 or more credits at WCC and
  • Dual enroll in an advance entrepreneurship course at the college For more information visit the dual enrollment section of WCC's How to Apply for Admission page.
WCC offers additional courses in entrepreneurship. You can learn the skills and attitudes of an entrepreneur that will set you apart from the traditional business managers. See your counselor to sign up for dual enrollment.

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