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Anthony Thomas, 30, native of Mississippi, is a soft-spoken man who has wanted to be of service as long as he can remember. "Even in high school I knew I wanted to help others. If someone had asked me then what I wanted to do I would have said be a musician, but in the back of my mind I wanted to be a nurse," he explains. "Nursing offers so much and can take me in different directions. I feel that it will help me be become more outgoing," says Anthony.

Money has always been tight for Anthony, and there were times he had to be creative with his finances to make ends meet. In the Winter of 2004, Anthony received help from the WCC Foundation as a recipient of the Philip and Beulah Elving Scholarship. This assistance made the difference between whether Anthony and his wife had a place to live or not. He admits that, "Nursing school is very demanding... it was a time when I sure needed the help." "Beulah and Philip Elving gave the best thing in life that anyone could receive," Anthony says, "In America, education is the most important thing."

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Our mission is to give hope and support to Washtenaw Community College students through scholarships and other philanthropic support, creating a better educated workforce and a stronger community.
Approved by Board of Directors March 9, 2010
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22nd Annual WCC Foundation Jerry Jernigan Memorial "Drive for Education" Golf Outing
Aug 17 2015
Fox Hills Golf & Banquet Center
Last year the golf outing drove a true hole-in-one for our WCC students, raising $92,000! This year we are determined to raise the score! Mark your calendars for August 17, 2015 to participate. Visit the golf outing page for more information.
Mark Your Calendars to Experience the Annual WCC Foundation Women's Council Luncheon
Apr 21 2015
Morris Lawrence Building
The 19th annual luncheon will be held on Thursday, May 21, 2015, at 11:30am. Plan to attend to experience the heartfelt and inspiring stories and hear keynote speaker, Mary Sue Coleman, tell the rest of the story! Visit here to learn more about the luncheon and the work for the Women's Council.
All Had a Cajun Good Time, "Down on the Bayou"!
Feb 7 2015
Morris Lawrence Building
The Annual Mardi Gras Celebration took us "Down on t he Bayou" on February 7, 2015, for a foot stompin’ Cajun good time! View here a recap of this year’s event that raised over $110,000 for WCC students.

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