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Many of us ponder the idea of immortality, but know it's not a reality. Though we think of how our loved ones—children, spouses, grandchildren—will be cared for in the future, we don't often think about how else to extend our reach to assist others long after we're gone.

Washtenaw Community College Foundation has established an endowment program to ensure that all students can get a college education, regardless of financial condition. We invite you to join in this effort inclusion of the Washtenaw Community College Foundation in your will or trust.

Planned gifts and bequests from friends like you are the single greatest source of endowment funds; our financial foundation for the future.

There are many other ways to designate the Washtenaw Community College Foundation as part of your legacy. Consult your financial advisor, attorney, trust officer or the Washtenaw Community College Foundation to determine the option that is best for you and your circumstances. You’ll be surprised how simple it can be to make the ultimate gift.

Thank you for your gift!
Richard Duke taught for many years at the University of Michigan and before that at Michigan State University. Marie Duke raised six children, all of them now grown, with seven master's degrees and two Ph.Ds among them. She also taught for nearly a decade at the Michigan Technical Institute, formerly in Ann Arbor.

Now retired, the Dukes wanted to help others achieve their dreams of an education. They have generously donated $55,000 to the Washtenaw Community College Foundation to endow a scholarship in their name, which will fund education for students who otherwise couldn't afford to attend college.

The Dukes plan on growing their scholarship through additional gifts and have made a planned gift of their retirement fund. In addition, because this scholarship is endowed, it will continue to help students in perpetuity.

"We were struck by the fact that WCC really has a dual function," say the Dukes. "Students can take both transfer classes and get training and skills for a job. Those things are equally important. The college is a stepping stone for many people just getting started."

The other reason they chose WCC for their gift however is more personal. Their daughter Lynda Duke decided WCC was the best place to begin her college education. "It was a very good place for me," Lynda comments. "I came to WCC as a recent high school grad, not sure where I wanted to go with my education and I left feeling confident about my skills and prepared to study a specific program." Lynda now holds two master's degrees and is an assistant professor of Library and Information Science at Illinois Wesleyan University.

The Dukes considered making their donation to one of Michigan's large universities but decided they could make a much bigger impact by giving to WCC. "Like most Americans, we both came from modest means and got through college because of scholarships," says Richard Duke. "What goes around, comes around. We really feel motivated to help kids who are trying to get a start."

Their generosity comes from a desire to use their money for good. "I have a 10 year old car in the garage," says Richard, "and I've thought seriously about replacing it. But using this money for a scholarship is better than getting something newer and shinier." Adds Marie, "We wanted to contribute now and see the results, rather than wait until we're gone."

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