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Human Resources: Frequently Asked Questions

When are my application materials due into the Human Resources office?
By the deadline on the job posting.

  1. What practices do Human Resources follow to keep Social Security Numbers Private?

  2. What are the hours of operation for the Office of Human Resource Management?

  3. How do I contact the Office of Human Resource Management?

  4. How do I get to Human Resources office?

  5. Will I be notified of the status of my application by Human Resources?

  6. Does Human Resources accept applications/resumes for positions that are not posted?

  7. What are the qualifications for becoming a part-time Adjunct Faculty?

  8. What materials will I need to submit to Human Resources to apply for a position?

  9. Does WCC sponsor H-1 Visas?

  10. How many hours can I teach as a part-time faculty?

  11. As a part-time clerical support staff, how many hours can I work?

  12. What happens if I do not have all the required materials for my job application?

  13. When are my application materials due into the Human Resources office?

  14. How will I be paid?

  15. Where do I go to pick up my paycheck?

  16. I am not receiving my direct deposit pay stubs, who do I contact?

  17. As an employee, how do I change my name and or address with the college?

  18. As a student, how do I change my name and or address with the college?

  19. Do I need to complete a full application to apply for each position?

  20. Where are jobs posted?

  21. Where can I get my MyWCC password reset?

  22. I need to verify my employment over the phone. Who do I contact?

  23. If the College has an emergency closing will I get paid? What if I am required to work during the emergency closing?

  24. How can I get paperwork notarized?

  25. What kind of services does Clerical Services offer?

  26. What do I need to do to get a substitute for my area?

  27. What if WCC faculty or staff need temporary help with projects such as filing, shredding and/or mailings?

  28. Who do I call with questions regarding UltraTime?

  29. Who should I contact with questions regarding my PTO, vacation, sick and personal time?

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   WCC Home: Human Resources
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Human Resources

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