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The Labor and Employee Relations staff of the Office of Human Resource Management is responsible for continuous improvement of employee relations through training programs, problem resolution assistance, and assistance to ensure compliance with state and federal labor laws.

WCC Supervisor Training Series 2012-2013


Strengths Finder Analysis

September 6 @ 8:00am

This seminar is designed to provide an overview of the Strengths Finder Book and Assessment. Participants are invited to analyze and share the results of individual assessments; the facilitator guides a discussion of how the various top five strengths of each individual interact comparatively within any group setting, based on the strengths of other group participants.

Crucial Conversations

September 7 @ 8:00am

This training session is designed to teach communication skills when the stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions runs tong. Participants will learn how to speak with complete candor (no matter the topic) and complete respect (no matter the person). Moreover, supervisors will learn what dialogue is and why it is important and how to decrease defensiveness while maintaining honesty and respect.

Disciplinary Procedures

November 14 @ 10:30am

Whether you are a new or seasoned supervisor, Disciplinary Procedures 101 is designed to provide guidance on taking appropriate disciplinary actions for corrective purposes here at WCC. At the end of the training session, attendees will understand Weingarten Rights, how to document employee behavior, what is progressive discipline, how to conduct an investigation and how to handle FMLA issues.

Boldly Turning Adversity into Opportunity: What to do when things don't go according to plan

December 10 @ Noon

Jenna Stoliker, Training and Development Manager for Glacier Hills Senior Living will be the keynote speaker at WCC's annual OPT luncheon hosted by ISTD. Participants can expect to learn what it takes to be BOLD (brilliant, objective, a leader and a decision-maker) - and 'flip the switch' that is, find opportunity amidst adversity by applying six key objectives (Identifying the problem, researching solutions, organizing findings, involving others, providing clear-cut options and dealing with 'no').

Bullying in the Workplace

December 11 @ 9:00am
December 11 @ 11:30am

Nothing affects employee morale, productivity and job satisfaction more insidiously than persistent workplace negativity / bullying. It saps the energy of the organization and diverts critical attention from work and performance. Statistics show that almost 75% of employees have been affected by workplace bullying, whether as a target or a witness. Labor and Employee Relations will host Julie Kowalski of the Spizzerinctum Group LLC who will present, "Bullying in the Workplace: Steps to Prevent and Eliminate!" In this fun and educational seminar, Julie will share proven steps that the WCC culture can take to prevent and eliminate workplace bullying. This is an opportunity for us to engage in an energizing environment and walk away with tips, tools and techniques that we can all immediately apply.


Part Time Employment Changes

March 1 @ 9:00am

Human Resource Services (Chris Mihaly) facilitates an informational session on PT Employment Staffing & Hour(s) Changes. The new guidelines for WCC are in place to define new part time hour limitations and to avoid situations that would conflict with such limitations.

Principles and Practices of Supervision

April 19 @ 10:30am

This seminar will focus on the strategic and leadership aspect of the supervisor role. During this interactive seminar, Cheryl Kuch of the American Society of Employers will address ways that supervisors can influence their teams for better performance and identify obstacles that hinder success. (ASE)

Dealing with Difficult People

May 17 @ 10:30am

Handling difficult and challenging behavior in the people requires skill and diplomacy. During this interactive seminar, Cheryl Kuch of the American Society of Employers will provide the tools to diffuse tensions and communicate effectively. Participants will learn how to demonstrate authority and credibility, how to assess the different types of challenging behaviors, and what solutions can lead to the most optimum outcome. (ASE)

Workplace Investigations: From Complaint to Resolution

June 14 @ 10:30am

By law, when an employee speaks up about anything from a serious to a minor concern, a 'Complaint' has been made and an investigation may be needed. In this course, participants will learn how to recognize a complaint, how to conduct an efficient and legally compliant workplace investigation, how to follow through with discipline that may result, and how to help affected staff move forward from there. (ASE)

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