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Blackboard (Faculty): Frequently Asked Questions

How will my students get access to my Blackboard website?
Your class roster for the semester is automatically uploaded to your Blackboard website at least one day before the semester begins and students are continuously added as they register throughout the semester. If you need students added earlier, contact the Blackboard Help Desk at 734-477-8724 or blackboard@wccnet.edu .

NOTE: Students are not automatically removed from your Blackboard website if they drop your class.

Students are able to access your Blackboard website only if it is marked as available.

To set up class availability for your students:
  • Log in to your Blackboard website.
  • Find the Control Panel, beneath your course menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Select Properties in the section called Customization at the lower left.
  • Find the setting called Make Course Available.
  • Select Yes if you want the website to be available to students; select No if you do not want your students to have access to your website.
  • Click Submit to finish.

  1. What is Blackboard?

  2. How do I get a Blackboard website?

  3. I have a Blackboard website, how do I get a new one or copy an existing one?

  4. How do I log in to Blackboard?

  5. How do I learn how to use Blackboard in my classes?

  6. How will my students get access to my Blackboard website?

  7. How do I grant non-student Blackboard users access to my Blackboard website?

  8. How do I deny a student access to my Blackboard website?

  9. What happens to my Blackboard website at the end of the semester?

  10. My Blackboard class list is crowded with old course websites. How can I clean it up?

  11. Should I make an archive copy of my Blackboard website? How do I do it?

  12. How can I get additional Blackboard help?

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