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Scope of Assistance in the Computer Commons

The Computer Commons endorses independent learning on the part of its users. While we believe it is the students' responsibility to achieve proficiency in elementary computing and Internet use, we provide basic assistance if needed.

The Computer Commons also provides over twenty software programs, most of which support specific departmental and instructional needs. While the Commons staff make an effort to learn the basic functions of these programs, they cannot be expected to provide users with in-depth tutorials, especially when the assistance requested is part and parcel of a graded assignment. The Computer Commons regards the learning of these programs as the students' responsibility, either on an individual basis or as part of their course work.

We would like to provide some suggestions on having a successful experience in the Computer Commons, so that we can help you succeed in your endeavors at WCC:
  • Show up early. The lab is usually full in the middle of the day.

  • Give yourself plenty of time to complete your assignment. We too often hear students say they have to go right to class and "don't have time" to do this or that.

  • Remember that printing is not free. You will need to bring your copy card and make sure it has enough funding to allow you to print your work. Also, the Library desk on the first floor can make change.

  • No food or drinks are allowed in the lab. Please do not bring your lunch or other food items into the Computer Commons. The Library also has a no food or drink policy.

  • Game Playing, Chatting and Offensive material are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Please read WCC's Acceptable Use Policy regarding these matters.

  • This is a working lab, not a social center. Students come here to do their school work. They have the priority. If you need/want to socialize, talk on the phone, etc., please take it out of the Computer Commons area.

  • Be considerate. Loud music (even with headphones), loud conversations, loud cell phone ringers, laughing at Facebook pictures are all examples of activities that disturb the concentration of people trying to do homework. If you want to do these kinds of things, take them out of the Computer Commons.

  • Put all cell phone ringers on silent, vibrate or turn them off. Cell phone usage is the single most annoying complaint students have (socializing is the next most common). Cell phone conversation (as well as socializing) is to be taken out of the Computer Commons. BE CONSIDERATE!

  • Always bring in your Flash drive (also known as thumb or usb drives). Even if you don't expect to need it, it is extremely common for students to find out they really do need to save whatever they are working on for later use. Rename your flash drive so if you forget it, Lost & Found can help you claim it (if you don't know how to rename it, ask us... we can help you with this).

  • Always bring a pen or pencil with you to the Computer Commons. Even in this day of electronic communications, students always need to write things down.

  • Save your work frequently! And save on your flash drive! Things happen (power fluctuations, computer lock-ups, software issues) — any one of which can force either a power down or reboot. If this happens, and you have not saved your work, or have saved it to the desktop, it will now be gone. There is a program on our systems that removes all files not part of the original morning turn-on (so saving to the hard drive or desk top will not work as an alternative to using your flash drive either).

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