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If you didn't finish high school, we can help you prepare to take the GED (high school equivalency test). Skill Building (GED Preparation) classes are offered throughout the year in several locations in Washtenaw County. You can also take advantage of test coaching to help you prepare for the COMPASS test, which is required for WCC enrollment.

6. Do I need the Adult Transitions Skill Building (GED Preparation) Class?
That depends on your goal. Our students find that this class is an important support in their goal of attaining a GED. The Skill Building Class is also an invaluable support for students who want to go to WCC.

The Skill Building Class helps you to establish a relationship with a counselor on campus as well as providing a skill refresher to prepare you for the COMPASS test, a placement test you will take before entering WCC. The Skill Building Class provides supports you may need to be a successful student at WCC.

1. What is the GED test?
2. How long is the GED test?
3. How hard is the test?
4. Do I need to review science and social studies?
5. What about the essay?
6. Do I need the Adult Transitions Skill Building (GED Preparation) Class?
7. Can I just take the test?
8. If I want to do my own preparation, how do I do that?
9. What materials should I use to prepare for the GED Test?
10. How do I know if I've passed?

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