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Note Taker Guidelines - Peer Note Takers

A note taker is an individual who is retained to take notes for the student during class lecture. Both the note taker and the student are required to attend the lecture.
  1. As the need arises Learning Support Services (LSS) will request instructors to recruit a note taker from the class. In this case, interested students should come to LSS (LA104). They need to identify the class, instructor, day/time and location; complete an application, and provide a coy of an unofficial transcript as they will be hired by Learning Support Services. Instructors who have prior knowledge of the student may provide a recommendation to LSS. (NOTE: the students requesting note taking should give a letter completed by LSS to the instructor indicating they are permitted a note taker. Without the letter, the instructor is not to allow the accommodation).

  2. Notes are only provided for students who attend class. If it can be determined that the student is absent and does not arrive within 15-20 minutes after the start of the class, the note taker will not be paid for that day's notes.

  3. Note takers will legibly write down all relevant information including lecture notes, test and quiz dates, assignments and important vocabulary. (Alpha Smart keyboards are available for note taker use).

  4. Notes are filed alphabetically in LSS (LA104).

  5. The note taker is to highlight the student's name on page one. All pages should indicate the specific course name and number, date, and page number.

  6. The note taker is responsible for knowing who she/he is taking notes for.

  7. Students and note takers are responsible for notifying the office in advance of any absence, class cancellation or change related to the note taking assignment.

  8. Whatever method the student uses such as a note taker, tape recording, or classmate hired through LSS, he/she is responsible for the material covered in class.

NOTE: Any student concerns regarding note takers should be addressed to a Program Specialist or the Director of LSS (LA104, x3342) Revised 2/15/2005

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