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Instructor Guide to Using the Testing Center

Thank you for choosing to use the Testing Center to administer your student examinations. We are committed to delivering excellent proctoring services ensure your students have an enjoyable testing experience. You are welcome to visit or call (734-477-8550) the Testing Center if you have any questions or concerns.

Set up a test
  1. Print your name, class code, and test number on all documents. Provide the Testing Center with as many tests as there are students in your class.
  2. If you are using green Scantron forms, please supply your own Scantrons. Also please provide enough tests for all your students.
  3. Enter all test information into our Test Input Program (TIP) by visiting the Instructors' Area within the Center.
  4. To ensure accuracy, enter test information at least 24 hours before the test is scheduled to begin. Please ask a proctor for assistance if you are not familiar with this process.
  5. To streamline the process, we recommended that you enter all tests for the semester into the TIP program at the beginning of the semester.
  6. If you are a Chemistry 090 Instructor, please show your students how to use the TI-30xa calculator
  7. If you are running a Blackboard test, please make sure it is set up in Blackboard before it is scheduled to begin. Please review the additional Instructions for Blackboard tests.
  8. Show your students where you have placed the test within the program (e.g., announcements, course documents, course information, etc.).
  9. Blackboard tests given in the Testing Center are launched in “kiosk mode,” so any external links inside your tests will not show up.
Set up a make-up test for students who missed the test
  1. Enter your test information into the Make-up Input Program (MIP) located in the Instructors' Area.
  2. Record details about the test on a Make-up Test Instruction Slip or on the test itself.
  3. Put test documents in the incoming make-ups cabinet, in the folder marked with your last name. After the student has completed the make-up test the proctor will file the documents in the outgoing make-ups cabinet.
Important things to know
  1. The College does not permit students to test during your class period.
  2. No test can start or end on a Sunday or holiday or go beyond Testing Center hours. Consult a calendar before listing your test dates.
  3. Breaks during exams are not allowed. Only individual students who have been specified by the instructor will be allowed to take authorized breaks. The instructor must enter the first and last name of the student into the Testing Information Program.
  4. Pick up your paper tests at the Testing Center after the scheduled end time and sign the “Test pick-up sheet.”
  5. Pick up all test materials (used and unused) by the time grades are due at the end of each semester.
  6. If the college is shut down (e.g., weather, power outages, water main break, etc.) by college administrators. The tests ending on that day will be automatically extended by 24 hours. If you do not want us to extend the test date, please email us at testingcenter@wccnet.edu.
  7. The Testing Center does not collect homework or other work form the students.
  8. Prior to using the Testing Center, review Testing Center Rules for Students with your students.
Final Exams

The Testing Center has limited space for administering tests. During finals week some students wait over an hour to take an exam. To reduce the wait time during finals week, we strongly recommend you schedule your final exams to be completed in class.

Thank you for using the Testing Center. We enjoy providing testing services to help you maximize your instructional time.

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