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The mission of the Testing Center is to provide the highest quality testing services for faculty, students, and guests. We strive for excellence by being responsive to client requests, vigilantly proctoring exams, and maintaining a quiet comfortable and efficient testing environment. We adhere to the NCTA Professional Standards and Guidelines.


Instructors: Have you ever found yourself asking the following questions?

  • "There is never enough class time to teach everything necessary for my class."

  • "What if any of my students miss an exam??"

  • "Is there a quicker and easier way to receive test results?"

  • "What are my options for testing?"

Finally, your queries are about to be answered! The WCC Testing Center could quite possibly be the answer to your instructional prayers.

We offer proctored testing, free of charge, for any WCC classes. All instructors need to do is supply the tests at least 24 hours before the exam start date: making sure their name, 6-digit course code (i.e. BIO101), and the test number are on each test. If scan-trons or answer forms are needed, the Testing Center staff will insert them before the tests go on the shelf. When your test is finished, we print out a log of students who did and didn't take the test, when they took it, and how long the test took them. We also make sure all tests are present and accounted for. Then instructors, or designated individuals, may pick up the completed tests at their leisure during open hours.

We offer 2 kinds of online testing: Blackboard and Partest.
  • Blackboard: Blackboard is an online testing system that allows students to log in and access their test (via testing center staff entering a password remotely). As soon as students finish, Blackboard automatically records the test score into an online gradebook that instructors can access at any time. Blackboard training is highly recommended. For more information, please refer to the Distance Learning site or email .

  • ParTest: ParTest is the testing program used by the Testing Center. It is used only for multiple choice/true and false questions. All instructors need to do is supply us with a disk containing the test (be sure to follow the Testing Center Guidelines for ParTest Submission) at least 48 hours before the test begins. Once the test is in our system, if instructors plan on only making a few changes to their tests in future semesters, they need only notify the technician of the changes. Once the test is completed, a score report will be printed out showing the scores of those who took the test. An itemized score report is also available upon request within 48 hours of the test's ending date. For more information on how to set up a ParTest, please contact Allen Wurster at 734-973-3728.

In addition, we offer make-up testing for students who have missed an exam. Instructors need only drop off a test for each student containing instructor name, student name, expiration date, and any special instructions written on it. Instructors or designated individuals may pick up make-ups at their leisure during the hours that the Testing Center is open.

Other helpful information:

1 . Tests are conducted under camera surveillance.

2 . Timed tests can be conducted.

3 . CLEP and DANTES tests are available.

4 . If permissible, calculators, and other supplies are provided to students.

5 . Proctor authenticates the identity of all students by checking photo IDs.

This is just an overview of the services provided by the Testing Center. For more information, please contact the Testing Center staff at 734-973-3634.

  • Note: The Testing Center is not an alternative to class time. We are here so more class time can be devoted to teaching.

  • Blackboard is not set up by the Testing Center; Please contact .

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