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Converting a paper test into a computer based test.

The Testing Center can covert your paper test into an on-line (non-Blackboard) test. The on-line test can be administered in the Testing Center at your convenience. To accomplish this task, we use a program call the Partest. [If you wish to convert your test to a Blackboard test, contact the Distance Learning Department.]

1. What is the Par Test and what are its benefits?
It's an application that allows instructors to create electronic tests and take it to the testing center. It allows student to receive their score immediately after taking the test. Since its computer based; teachers don't have the hassle of coming to pick up any sheets of paper.

2. How do you set up the tests?
The Par Test is created through a Question and answer bank that is manually created. Then questions are picked from that bank for the test.

3. What format is the test in?
The test file is given to the Testing Center in .RTF format, which is then converted into a usable format.

4. When will the student receive their score and how?
The student will receive their individual score immediately after taking the test right there in the testing center.

5. How does it benefit teachers?
Since its an online test teachers don't have the hassle of picking up stacks and stacks of paper; It has instant scoring so teachers do not have to manually score the test themselves.

6. What else can it do?
The Par Test has statistical analysis built in so teachers can do a vareity of things such as: What questions were answer the most, what percent answer what individual question, who answered each question correctly or incorrectly.

7. I don't know, if it's online couldn't the answers be tampered through hacking?
In actuality the Par Test is not online in the sense that it is done through a modem, its just computer based, such as programs like Quicken and word.

8. What teachers can use this Par Test?
Any teacher can use this test, its available to all faculty. Nursing and Chemistry use it the most, but anyone can use this test.

Guidelines for Making a Test File for Import into ParTest
  1. Enter the questions and the answers using an Editor i.e. Word for Windows or any editor that can save to RICH TEXT FORMAT (that is a file saved with the .RTF extension).

  2. Put the file on an IBM formatted floppy and bring it to the Testing Center or E-mail the .RTF file to the Testing Center. We must have the test at least 48 hours before it is scheduled to start.

  3. After the test has expired an Item analysis and a class response list will be printed within 48 hours that you can pick up at the Testing Center. Also a test results list can be printed without waiting.

(Sample Multiple-choice question)
What is 10 * 10?

a) 1
b) 10
c) 100
d) 1000


(Sample True-False question)
The sum of 2 + 2 is 4

a) True
b) False


* The above formats for the questions must be followed or the file will not import into On-Line.
** The answer must follow the question, the answers must have a), b), c), d), e) even if not used.
*** Parentheses must be used, No Question numbering or justification please.

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