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Board of Trustees Policy


As a matter of policy there shall be no conflict of interest between employment by Washtenaw Community College and other interests of college employees. Conflict of interest may exist in the following areas:

1. financial interest;

2. employment of relatives;

3. use of college facilities in connections with private business and consulting; and

4. supplemental employment.

Specific provisions concerning potential conflict of interest are set forth below, without limitation, however, on the general policy that there shall be no conflict between employment by Washtenaw Community College and other interests of the employee.

  1. Financial Interest

    An administrator of the college with authority for an investment or control of funds for the procurement of goods and services for the college shall not enter into any contract, commitment or agreement of behalf of the college with any entity in which he/she or a member of hi/her family has a financial interest, except after prior report to the President of the college of such financial interest and potential conflict of interest and prior approval of the proposed transaction by the President.

    Financial interest is defined as employment by another business entity, or the ownership or control of more than 1% of any firm or institution doing business with Washtenaw Community College by an administrator or a member of his/her immediate family.

    A statement reporting compliance with this policy will be required to be filed annually by administrators with the President of the college at the time of acceptance of appointment or reappointment.

  2. Employment of Relatives

    College personnel who are employed in the same instructional department, office, or administrative unit of the college with a member or members of their family (husband, wife, parent, offspring, or sibling) shall not participate in recommendations or decisions of direct concern to a member or members of their family. As used herein, “of direct concern” includes, but is not limited to such matters as appointment, retention, tenure, dismissal, salary, promotion, leave of absence, evaluation, and sabbatical leave. Family members of persons currently employed by Washtenaw Community College may be hired only if they will not occupy a position in the same line of authority within the organization as the employee. In the case where a conflict or potential for conflict arises, even if there is no supervisory relationship involved, the parties may be separated by reassignment or terminated from employment.

    The Vice President of Administration and Finance, or such other officer or employee of the college as may be designated, shall have the authority and responsibility for any matters relating to college audits, financial records, payroll, or inventory of goods and supplies of another member of the family. The Vice President of Administration and Finance may issue appropriate rules to be published and made known to the employees of the college in carrying out this responsibility.

  3. Use of College Facilities in Connection with Private Business and Consulting

    Use of college facilities, services, equipment and supplies for private teaching, consulting, and like activities for personal gain is prohibited except when such use is a part of a program or project authorized by the Board of Trustees or the President. When not a part of an authorized project, use of such facilities may be approve by the President upon payment to the college of an appropriate fee.

    Any request for the use of college facilities, supplies or services which is inconsistent with the aims, purposes and policies of the college shall be denied.

  4. Supplemental Employment

    Full-time administrators of the college may be permitted to engage in supplemental employment provided such supplemental employment conforms to the following provisions:

      a. The supplemental employment is performed outside of the employee’s regular hours of work and does not interfere with the employee’s assigned duties and responsibilities and does not conflict with work requirements outside of the regular business hours of the college.

      b. Prior to undertaking supplemental employment the employee shall have reported to the President the nature, extend and expected duration of the work on forms provided by the college, which shall be updated at the beginning of each fiscal year upon acceptance of appointment or reappointment.

      c. No promotion or solicitation of students or faculty with respect to any outside employment shall be permitted.

      d. The outside employer shall not furnish services to the college except upon compliance by the employee with the reporting and approval requirements of this policy.

      e. When in the opinion of the President, or, designee the employee’s supplemental employment interferes with performance of the employee’s college duties, the employee may be requested to end or modify such supplemental employment as a condition of continued employment by the college.

    Adopted: September 27, 1977
    Revised: June 24, 2003

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